Online Talk Show Platform


About Project:  Black Solutions Talk Radio is an online talk show platform that offers solutions to issues, problems, and concerns of African Americans. Black Solutions Talk Radio offers an advance podcast library of your shows for on-demand listening, complete marketing and advertising. Learn how you can become a Solution Expert.

Challenges:  Client came to us with an idea to create an online platform for Black Community, where people can talk & share about the issues of black community and help each other.

What We Delivered: See some highlighted features of this project below: –  
  • Custom Design, Fonts and Graphics. Flat structure optimised for Retina display and modern age smart devices.
  • Diverse categories – Each category on the website can have its own layout and color
  • Customizable single post layouts – Give your articles a personal touch with many different layouts available
  • Optimized for high speed – Built-in performance options will ensure that your website loads fast, and runs smoothly
  • Recurring payment system for client sign up accounts integrated with paypal.
  • Fully responsive HTML/CSS and managed in jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap Framework.
  • Structured web applications providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions.
  • Audio Podcasts depending upon different categories added by Solution Talkers.
  • Infinite scroll loading on single posts – Posts content loads continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination.
  • Four Pagination Types – You can have a classic Older Posts/Newer Posts navigation, Numeric Pagination, Load More buttons or Infinite Scroll. This feature is not limited to a global setting either, you can apply different pages with different pagination types wherever you like.
  • Post formats support – Supports Video, Audio, Image and Gallery Post formats.